“Football Players Safe, Accounted For”

I had actually seen this ESPN article posted on Twitter during the time of the lockdown on campus among much uncertainty of a second “shooter” and ongoing police investigation.

At the time, I found it quite strange. To be honest, I still do.

I actually had thought it was a joke at first, trying to make light of a serious situation. To my surprise, it was an actual, real article that was deemed acceptable to post on the biggest sports news organization in the world.

The article basically outlines the fact that none of the students injured in the attack were involved with the football team. It even reassured people that the players would still be able to return to their practice facility after the lockdown was over.

This is an odd thing to write about because it makes it seem as though the football players are more important than the average student at Ohio State.

Now, I get it. The vast majority of people in America that have an interest in Ohio State is because they watch the football game. Not many people outside the state of Ohio are concerned with the daily lives of Ohio State students.

However, I do not think it was necessary to post an article specifically stating that nobody on the football team was hurt. It makes those who were actually injured in the incident seem unimportant and unworthy of being talked about and worried about.

If a football player had been injured in the incident, I understand that there probably would have been an article just about the injury to that player. Fans of the Ohio State football team would want to know the extent of the injury and what it means for the team moving forward.

I still do not believe, however, that an article specifically stating that no players were hurt in the incident was necessary.

The article does do an alright job of outlining the specifics of the incident and relaying much of the information that is known about the attack at the time. It just goes about it from an angle that I personally believe is distasteful and honestly quite insensitive to those who were actually injured during the attack.


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